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Friday, November 02, 2012

New domestic appliances

Went out with mom yesterday to buy two new household appliances, which cost me RM3,500 in total. The items were delivered today, and now we have a new fridge and new tv set.

Actually both the old fridge and tv were still workable but i decided that it was time to replace them while i am still here in case they break down when i am in New Zealand.

The old fridge was never changed since the day i moved into this house (which was like more than 20 years ago). It was actually a good fridge (made in Japan) and had never once broken down over two decades.

(This picture was taken this morning when mom had moved the old fridge out from its original place in preparation for the new fridge - but before she cleaned up what was inside and on the fridge.)

Despite it working well, i have wanted to have it changed because it was not built with the energy-saving technology and used heaps of electricity, which isn't eco friendly. For the new fridge, we chose the Panasonic inverter fridge that is supposed to be one of the most energy-saving products in the market.

As for the old 29" CRT tv, i can't remember exactly when it was bought and i think it was probably less than 10 years old.

It did break down once or twice before and mom sent it for repair. The screen had been a bit fuzzy and would be bad for the eyes for long-term viewing, which is something what my mom does everyday. The tv is always on as long as she is at home. I guess she has nothing much to do when she's at home except watching the tv programmes.

I bought a 39" LED TV to replace the old tv. I did not get a bigger one because our living room is actually quite small, and i also have some budget constraint since i still have some other stuff to buy before i leave for NZ.

So there goes a few thousand bucks off my saving again. It is amazing how i am spending big money over these few months when i am actually unemployed at home with no income. It can be scary to see how the figure in my bank account declines, but then, we gotta know how and when to pamper ourselves - not to say to squander insensibly but when we gotta spend it then just spend it (within our means of course).


as long as the spending is needs, not on wants only.

Hah, Panasonic fan spotted. Where are playtipus, koala and, em, what is that, right now? To think of the electricity saved, don't think it will be same of amount spent until more than 3 years, then at that time you come back and buy a new one, at least you won't be scary to look at the bank account. It makes diff though .. It,s better to replace the CRT not only It's smaller screen but also the radiation from the rays that are bad - if only tv LCD appears long time ago probably you don't wear glasses today, aha. But then, 39" consumes higher electricity than 32" ... So it probably balance out with fridge, but then still money spent on 2 new items. Well, who cares about them when consider them gifts for your mom this year and comfortable life :). Cheers, hmm, what's coming for this weekend?

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