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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A little story of two frogs

During the Sunday sermon, our pastor told us a short story which i would like to share here. I did a search on the Web and found the same story, but i will re-tell the story in my own words:

A group of frogs were leaping through the woods one day and two fell into a deep pit. The two fallen frogs then tried to jump out of the pit but it was too deep and they could not make it despite several attempts.

All the other frogs gathered around the pit and looked down into the hole. They saw how deep the pit was and believed that it was not possible for any frog to jump that high.

"Just give it up. It is too deep. You are as good as dead!" They shouted at the two frogs repeatedly. They kept on telling the two to stop and accept their fate.

After failing to leap out of the pit after so many attempts and hearing what the others were saying, one of the frogs finally heeded the advice of the other frogs and gave up. It then died in the pit.

The other fallen frog, on the other hand, continued jumping harder and harder. At the end, it finally managed to leap out of the deep pit successfully. When he was out of the pit, all the other frogs asked him, "Why did you keep on jumping despite us telling you to stop?"

It turned out that this frog was deaf and thought that all the other frogs were cheering for him and encouraging him the entire time!

Moral of the story: There is power in our words, and often it can be the power of life and death in our tongue. Words of encouragement to people who are down can lift them up and even be the force to help them through the difficulties, whereas destructive words may be the last draw that kills a person.

Here's a nice little clip of a variation to this story I found on the Web: The Little Frog.


How come the sermons always be so coincidental one ? the story takes another spin for me, reminds me of 93.8 ad long ago on TV - listen only to good news and ignore/deaf to the bad. The world is not perfect dear, even the earth is not perfect round and also tilted. we just can't control what other people says or writes, but we are certainly free either to accept the advice. If it is me, i would just delete the uncalled and insensitive remarks that are extremely intolerable, to be blind and deaf to them ... Whatever it is, always, always be honest to yourself. and right does give strength and courage.

Always stay positive girl! Having been here for >2 years, i know you are not a bimbo and total selfish type of person. And your writings, some of them are indeed introspective and i'm glad that you generously open up to share your life with your blog readers. If i may do my part, i will continue to cheer you up at this space of yours. Cheers, and stay healthy, don't sleep late :) -hy-

Angel, thanks for all the encouraging words thus far, and certainly thank you too for sticking around - though i do agree somewhat that my writing is load of crap, which is the way i like it. ;)

Anyway, this post wasn't targeting at anyone, as i've mentioned that i can't be bothered. I really liked this story that the pastor told us and wanted to share it here. And you are right that more often than not, the sermon always seems to address or answer our needs. For Christians, we believe that it is not pure coincidence but God speaking to us through the sermon or Bible verses.

ha, it gives me wonder how many attendees too faced similar scenario like you, or it's just you .. :) take care girl, don't often sleep late too much (i think i have say this to myself too) otherwise you'll show up panda eyes in your new office. cheers -hy-

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