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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MAB Charity Treasure Hunt - KL to Melaka

Well, i am gonna do sort of a reverse chronological catch up of my blog. So after the post yesterday about the treasure hunt i participated over the past weekend, this is about the one we joined last month.

Sui, NG and I formed a team and participated in a charity treasure hunt for the Malaysian Association for the Blind. It was a one day hunt from KL to Melaka even though the fee included one night accommodation at Melaka.

Obviously our team did not win anything and hence i wasn't that enthusiastic to write about it after i got back.

We drove up to KL one day earlier on Friday (24-Aug) morning for shopping but we ended up empty-handed even though we spent the entire day at 1-U. On Saturday morning, we gotta register early at around 6:30am. The hunting route would direct us from KL to Melaka and we gotta break 30 clues and search for 2 treasures along the way.

The questions for this hunt were relatively tougher, perhaps because we did not have the "expert hunter" in our team. The "expert hunter" was in another team with 3 other equally seasoned hunters and they won the 2nd prize.

Here are the answers for the questions and treasures:

For those who have not participated in such treasure hunt before, you may not have an idea on how these clues actually get translated into the answers. Here is an example of how to break the clue for the first treasure:

多样化饼干一罐 = 杂锦饼
九一六日出包装 = 独立包装
品牌标准又不俗 = 典雅
献出一半 = 南
有好处 = 益

The treasure was actually a particular assorted tin of Lee biscuits with separate small packaging. We gotta hunt for it at supermarkets out of all the brands and types of biscuits on the shelves.

Besides these questions, there were also some tasks to search for food at Melaka, whereby we gotta finish eating the food on the spot too. The last task was to be performed at the check-point and it was the most interesting of all.

Each team was to assign one member to touch five Braille letters placed inside a covered box. We were given the list of Braille alphabets and the challenge is to identify the five letters correctly through touch just like the blind. NG was assigned to take up this challenge for our team but she only managed to get two letters correct.

There was a dinner at the hotel in Melaka with some speeches and also performances by a blind singer. The guest of honour was a Datuk and his wife went on stage to sing as well.

The answers and results were announced during the dinner and our team did rather badly. We were 10 marks short from the 10th place (prizes were given to the top 10 teams). But then again, it was all for fun and charity - though it would have been really neat to win something too. :P

We consoled ourselves the next day (Sunday) with good Nyonya food at Melaka before we headed back to JB.

Oh, and there was a bowl of cendol without the green cendol in the picture. That was for me as i do not like the green stuff. So that bowl of dessert was essentially just ice with gula melaka, but still delicious nonetheless.


No wonder so quiet quiet about the outcome unlike the last one. How do you manage to lure the expert to join your team, hmm, sounds like company snatching talent story like that. but then, would practice make perfect? All the best in the next hunt, gotta be better an prepared :). Cheers.

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