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Sunday, August 19, 2012


Finally, my long break started yesterday - a true break without the worries of work at the back of my mind or having anyone contacting me on emails or phone about work.

Ok, in case you are wondering, of course i have a future plan. I can't be idling at home for the rest of my life and waiting for money to drop from the sky - even though i wish that could be the case. Well, my future plan involves major changes to my life; after all, CHANGE is the theme for this year.

I will slowly blog about it since i have plenty of time on my hand now. I wanna get back to updating my blog more frequently, as I do not have "busy at work" as my excuse anymore. If it does not happen, then the excuse can only be "i am lazy".

Anyway, for now, i have a more immediate "problem" at hand.

First of all, it is so difficult to live without a smartphone!

Yes, i know, i know, we did not even have mobile phones when we were younger and we all started with some basic mobile phones first before we moved into this smartphone era.

Well, the thing is that once you have had it before and got so used to the convenience, you would simply feel handicapped when not having it!

I am not sure if i have mentioned this before - the company changed my old iPhone 3GS with Samsung S2 back in April (if i remember correctly). I was happily using it when i was travelling overseas by myself. I especially liked the front camera capability that iPhone 3GS did not have. And I also had with me the Samsung Galaxy Tab that i borrowed from the IT guy. Now, i am only left with the almost 3-year-old X10 Mini Pro with me. So you can imagine why I would be getting smartphone withdrawal syndrome very soon.

Then, the laptop is another issue.

I did a search on my blog and found out that i purchased this laptop back in year 2006. (See, this is the great thing about keeping a blog or personal journal - provided you do update the life events regularly, unlike me who have not been doing so recently.)

Frankly, i do like this laptop very much. I have never used it for serious processing work but more for entertainment purposes and it did fit the purposes well. Of course, as years go by and with technology advancing so fast, i will find more and more issues with it. For instance, it gets heated up very quickly (i suspect the fan has stopped working), and it gets very slow or even freezes for a while when i open too many Web pages at the same time. Recently, i have also heard intermittent clicking sound from the hard drive, which may be an indication that the hard drive is dying soon.

Actually, if i have enough patience, make sure i back up my files every day and also elevate the laptop to prevent over-heating, i can still continue using this laptop for the time being. However, i am also wondering if it is time for me to get a new laptop, especially i've always wanted a Mac. Yet, this is more like a "luxury" thing that i want and not really that crucial to me.

I could have just gone ahead and buy all these stuff but then i really ought to be prudent on my spending since I will not be having any income for the coming months and i have used quite some sum for my mom's sudden illness. I am thinking of looking for some freelance or part-time work, and if i really get one then perhaps i will grab one of the two.

Until then, i will just have to live with what i have... and will have - uh huh, something is on its way, and perhaps having it is the answer to my problem. ;)


ha, when you wrote that you resigned from your (ex) company, i just realized about the iphone that you've grown so relying to - you'd rather suffer your eyes to read novels downloaded from it. i wonder if you have left any residue in it, like cache of your blog for the IT ppl to hack it, aha. it's a curious as a cat to know how do you move on without iphone , if you care to enlighten your readers about the experience. oh wait, there's samsung S2. i've always thought you are one iphone FAN. i still remember the x10 was not 3 years old lah, but then like what you implied it's obsolete, small screen and small keys ... speaking about technology advancement, maybe it's time you should get yourself an IPAD. it's handy, light, convenient, big screen, and APPLE, and you contemplated that before. it's not necessary to have 3G capability. well, if the old laptop is giving its way, frustrating, inefficient and "uneconomical" (if i use the correct term, i think), then it's really time to change. nowadays laptops are affordable, at rm 1.2k you can get a decent one. at this time you should be prudent, but continue using defective things will drain even more too, it's like driving old car consumes higher petrol and requires frequent fixes than the new one, if i give good example. Think about the efficiency, and as investment ! You have to learn and polish up budgeting skill. what's lacking you can learn from the net, and you need better gadget for it, too.

time flies real fast! can't imagine months of ranting has gone, kinda nostalgic to it - just kidding :). and this blog gonna flooded with your ex colleagues since you promised them the address when you leave, and now you have left. so, the coming plan is not about bakery after all, haha. seems your mom is doing well in the recovery and hope it quells your anxiety. gonna look forward great updates from you coming days. all the best, girl and never give up. keep moving forward! cheers.

My got my current laptop on 2007.

I'm still using non smartphone, samsung SGH-C170. And I did not find much incovenient without a smartphone.

The only reason of needing is smartphone is mainly work related. Since 1980s to 2012s, I don't see any need of smartphone for personal use. People tend to mis-use technology.

Smartphone is not environmental friendly because you need to charge it once a day which consume a lot of electricity.

But soon I will get iphone 5 due to business needs :)

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