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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tipsy, golfing, and another new toy

I'm a bit tipsy now...

Just now aunt gave us a treat to lunch at a restaurant in celebration of her birthday (which was yesterday). Uncle brought along a bottle of red wine that was made from organic grapes. I haven't been drinking for a few years already. I used to be able to drink at least half-a-bottle, but now just one glass is enough to make me tipsy. So i guess i'd better not go drinking with any guys, well, at least not until i can increase my alcohol tolerance.

It's really bad that i'm feeling tipsy now because 贝 and i are gonna play golf with KT and Carol later at the Daiman Golf Course. This will be the second time we are playing on the golf course since the last lesson.

I've originally planned to have a competition between them and us, and whichever team that loses will buy the other team dinner. I wonder if i should still suggest that later. KT and Carol had played on the course for a few times already, while 贝 and i have been practicing at the driving range only all this time. And now i'm under the mild influence of alcohol, so i'm not sure if i can play well later (not that i've played any better all along).

Ah, perhaps i can blame it on the haze. The haze is really bad today and i wonder if we will be able to see where the golf balls land with such low visibility. But the good thing is that with this hazy condition, the sunlight is somewhat obscured and thus i'll not get so tanned like last time.

Anyway, i think i'd better go and take a cold shower to sober up.

I got myself another new toy that cost RM4k+, which arrived on Friday.

Dell XPS M1210 notebook

So this is the first post i blog using the new laptop.

I'll be leaving the company soon and hence gotta return the company's laptop that i'm using now. I'm not sure if i'll get a laptop in my next job, but i highly doubt so.

I chose M1210 because it's smaller and more convenient for carrying around. It's not as light as i've hoped it to be though.

Anyway, i like it nonetheless.

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