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Friday, October 06, 2006

Resignation confirmed

I finally broke the news about my resignation to my mom. She didn't seem too pleased with the next company that i'm going to because she didn't think that this retailer is profitable. I told her that i would be getting 20% more than what i'm drawing now, and i would pay for the household utility bills from Jan-07 onwards. She then didn't say anything more about my new job.

Uh huh, so i lied to her about my pay. I just can't tell her that i'll actually get 43% more, or else she would definitely ask for more money every month, which would eventually ended up in the US feeding my hopeless brother. I would rather save up the money and send her on some holiday trips every year, than to have my hard-earned money spent on someone who's incapable of taking care of himself at the age of 33.

Talking about my resignation, well, it was finally confirmed by the HR. The management didn't even bother to talk to me again, which was what the GM said he would do after discussing with other management. Not that they could do anything to make me stay, but this did have me realized that i wasn't as valued as what they had always made it sounded to be. I guess their true selves were finally shown, which many employees here had always known but chose to believe in their sweet talks anyway. And the ironic part was that the GM refused to let me leave earlier by offsetting my unconsumed leave because they wanted me to stay for the full notice period as the users couldn't do without a system support.

Anyway, i don't think they will be able to get a replacement in time, so good luck to them on any system problems in the future. Yes, no one is indispensable in any organization; i know that for a fact for a long long time already. But there will be chaos during the transition period, which is enough for me to laugh in their face.  


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