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Thursday, October 05, 2006

A new journey but i'm leaving

These two days have been hectic. Today marked a major milestone for our company and everyone in the company had been busy preparing for it. We are now back in business with a different identity. The reaction from the market wasn't so favourable, and i wonder if the management had expected it to be so. I must say that i'm rather impressed with the new logo though, as it's so much nicer than the previous one we had.

Whatever happened to this company in the future isn't my concern anymore. My leaving is pretty much confirmed. I've yet to sign the appointment letter from the new company as they are still preparing it, and the current company hasn't officially confirmed the last day of my employment because everyone was occupied with the activities in resuming the operation.

When i tendered my resignation last Friday, the GM asked me why i didn't keep to my promise about discussing with him first before accepting the offer from another company. I told him that the other company couldn't wait and also the offer was too good to give it a miss. He then proceeded to talk about the same things that he had been saying all the while -- the company is restarting business lah, there's gonna be a bright future lah, they have something in mind for all of the employees lah, yada yada yada. Nothing concrete, and nothing i've not heard before. Apparently he was doing a half-arsed job in trying to make me stay.

He said he would talk to me again after he discussed my resignation with the other management. Then until today, he still didn't speak to me about it at all, nor did he handed my resignation letter to the HR. What i got instead was other top management wishing me good luck and asking me where am i going to. So i guess this means that they aren't gonna even make an effort in convincing me to stay. That's good for me then. I don't have to re-consider anymore and can just leave peacefully. Whatever shit happens after i leave isn't my problem anymore and i ain't gonna feel bad about it either.

Incidentally, i received a call from an ex-colleague today from the company that sent me to Germany a few years back. They were looking for an IT person to take care of their newly implemented system and she asked me if i would be interested. I didn't tell her that i've already gotten a new job. I just said that i didn't have the skills for the position because they use SAP, which i knew nuts about. Frankly, i wouldn't mind going back to that company if i'm still looking for job. It is, after all, a real MNC that's so much bigger and well-established than this retail chain that i'm going to, but it's just a week too late.

On an unrelated note, i went to the dental clinic today to collect the reimbursement of my Medisave claim for the last extraction of my wisdom tooth. I got back SGD830 only, as opposed to the SGD1,068 i paid. Well, better than nothing i guess.


err.. suspicions confirmed? *winked*

*wink back*

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