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Friday, September 29, 2006

Good news

It turned out that i chose not to go back to 贝's hometown with him was a right decision. Why i decided to cancel the trip was due to some negative reasons, but now something positive really came out of it as i've hoped.

I'm feeling really good now. Really really good.

With a piece of good news i received today, i MUST return to the office tomorrow. If i had gone back to BM with 贝, what i must do would have to be delayed till next week.

And what i have to do is to tender my resignation.

Uh huh, the good news is that I GOT THE JOB! Yes, yes, yes!!!  

After the 2nd interview on Monday, the interviewer told me that they would make the final selection within a day or two. I didn't hear from them since then, and today was the third day already, so i told myself that i didn't get the job and thought i should start sending out job applications again.

I was actually rather disappointed thinking that i wasn't selected. Even though i was less eager to leave the current company with the latest development, i still hope to move on to something better. And of course, there was also this ego thing.

贝 said to me before that i have 100% success rate in any interviews, be it for a job or for my MSc admission. I might not be offered what i requested like the previous offer, but at least i was selected out of the other candidates. I didn't realize that i have this magic until he mentioned so. Come to think about it, it was indeed that i passed all interviews since i was with 贝. Well, of course my applications had been rejected before without even being shortlisted, and of course i had failed before in getting the offer after the interview, but it was all before his time. That was why he had this perception that i could ace any interviews easily.

So thinking that i failed the interview this time was kinda like a blow to my confidence, or what was left of it after being stuck in a beleaguered company for so long. Although i felt that i did badly on the second interview, i still hoped that miracle would happen.

And it did happen.

I didn't go to work today as i needed some rest at home. After driving 贝 to the airport and had breakfast with him, i got home and spent the day reading comics. I received a surprised call in the afternoon from my new employer offering me the job. What was even more surprising was the pay they offered -- 43% higher than what i'm drawing now and more than what i wrote in the expected salary column on the application form! And it's a senior position with 20 days of annual leave! Gee, tell me how could i possibly reject such offer?!

I really don't understand why i was selected, given that i have no experience in retail, lacking in some of the required skills, and did badly on the interview. It's either i could really bull-shit, or i'm darn lucky. Or perhaps it was because i kept smiling and that was actually all i had to do in any interviews? Hmmm... Nay, don't think so.

Now, other than joy, i do feel a bit apprehensive about the new job. It's gonna be tough because it's an area that's totally strange to me. The person whom i'm supposed to replace is leaving tomorrow, so there will be no proper handover of job to me as well. And most of all, having been in a troubled company for almost two years, i kinda lost the courage in facing challenges and am in constant doubt about my ability.

I'm scared. Yes, i sure am. But i gotta take the first step out, or i'll forever be stuck. I just need time to regain the confidence and drive that were once in me.

Anyway, i still have a month to get myself prepared. At this moment, i should be worrying about how to face the shock and possible resentment from the current management when i tender the resignation tomorrow. They are gonna be really unhappy that i'm leaving at a time like this, when they need all the people they have now. Oh boy, it's gonna be nerve-wrecking. So let this be my first step in summoning back my courage in facing difficult situation.


i am trying hard not to guess but my curiousity is killing me. but you need not have to answer. You don't happen to work for c*t*r*y*?

Well, if i tell you, i would have to kill you. And since i don't know who and where you are to proceed with the killing, i choose not to answer.

So, you think is this a yes or a no? *wink*

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!!! Yes, the rainbow came out after the lasting rain...but isn't it bighter than what you can imagine?

To us, you are always the best candidate for any interview!

from LF

Thanks LF. :)

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