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Monday, September 25, 2006

The past weekend and the week ahead

Last Friday, i was having mild sore throat and it felt like i was coming down with a flu soon. I drank lots of water in the office and it kinda subsided. Then on Saturday morning, it worsened a bit and i went to see the doctor (under the pressure from 贝). So i'm still on medication now even though i'm feeling fine already.

After having seen the doctor, we went to the driving range for practicing. I haven't been touching my golf clubs for more than two weeks, and my swing totally sucked. Not that it had ever been any good, but the way i played really killed my motivation. 贝 had been practicing frequently with his colleagues, and because i felt uneasy joining them, i chose not to go at all. Then the more i don't practice, the worse my skill becomes, and the further away i am from 贝 in golfing.

The point isn't about i wanna compete with him. He's an athlete after all and there's no way i could play any sports better than him in any way. But part of the reasons of why i decided to pick up golfing in the first place was to find an activity that 贝 and i could enjoy together. With our standards drifting further away, i couldn't see how we could play the game together anymore. That totally defies the purpose and i began to take this game half-heartedly. Ya, i know this kind of negative thinking is wrong, but that's how a person in lousy mood would think.

Perhaps it was precisely because i was feeling down and sick, 贝 and i had a tiff again on Saturday. I felt really sad at how our relationship was going and i cried until my eyes looked like two walnuts. The good thing was that i felt better after crying my eyes out. I think it was more like a release of emotion for me after weeks of gloominess. And i also had a good talk with 贝. We didn't really know what went wrong, but at least we both recognized that we needed to put in effort to turn things around.

贝 gotta go back to work on something this afternoon, and since he hasn't gotten his Singapore driving license yet, i gotta be the driver. He only spent half-an-hour in the office and then could get allowances and time-off for it. So it worth the journey to and fro Singapore and sacrificing my afternoon nap.

Anyway, i could do without the weekend nap as it's gonna be a short working week ahead for me.

Monday, i'll be on half-day leave to attend the 2nd interview in the afternoon.

Tuesday, i'll be on urgent leave (yet to submit my leave application) to settle the paper work for selling our old car.

Wednesday, a full working day, and i may be talking to my GM about my resignation. Whether it's gonna be a real one or a strategic move will depend on how lucky i get.

Thursday and Friday, i'll be on leave again as 贝 and i are going back to his hometown. Delicious Penang food, here i come!  

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