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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A negative feedback to bad customer service

I was fuming yesterday after calling up the insurance company that insured my car two years ago. So i did what i do best. I logged on to their Website and complained provided a feedback. And here's what i wrote in their online feedback form:

I called your JB Branch on 19/9/06 to make an enquiry and was appalled at the way you handle customers. Instead of listening to my needs, your staff spoke to me in a condescending manner impatiently. Your are in the service industry and thus should treat everyone with politeness and respect. With such rudeness that I was subjected to, I hereby assure you that not only I will NOT be your customer anymore in the future, I'll also tell my family and friends about how I was treated in such manner.

Ya, ya, i know that was terrible of me to use such threatening tactics, but i did mean every word i put there. I would not consider doing business with this company again.

Then this morning, i received an email from them with the subject "COMPLAIN TO XXXX WEBSITE - XXXX PIN".

Dear xxxx Pin,

Your mail as per details above to our website refers, and we appreciate your sentiments on the issue expressed.

Subsequently, it would be most helpful if you could provide us with additional information like the name or the department your call was being transferred to.

We indeed want to resolve this matter in tandem with your cooperation to further investigate this matter. Please also provide us your contact number for onward communication.

Your prompt reply to our mail is highly appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Administrative Executive

Frankly, i resent it to be called a complaint. That's the problem with most companies in fact. Everytime someone makes a negative feedback on some unpleasant encounter, they will immediately coined it a complaint, and often than not, this sets everyone into defensive mode. If we could just take all feedback as something for us to improve on, then i'm sure our customer service level could improve.

(Ok lah, having said that, it is a complaint. So what? I was pissed, ok?!)

Well, i must of course reply to this email. So here's what i wrote:


Thanks for your email and your intent in acting upon my feedback. I don't know the name of the person who spoke to me as she didn't introduce herself at all. As such, I'm not sure if this issue can or should be further pursued.

I called in to enquire about the letter of NCD for securing a corresponding NCD in Singapore, as required by the insurance company there. Instead of explaining to me that it was against your company's policy to issue such letter, your staff failed to listen and understand my situation, and just kept telling me in an impolite manner that I no longer hold any insurance policy with your company. It was as if telling me that because I'm no longer an active customer, then I wasn't entitled to a good customer service level.

It was after a few minutes of frustrating repetitions that I was finally attended to by another staff of yours, who then clarified on the issue. I hold no grudges in your company's refusal in issuing the letter because I fully understand that it was your operating procedure, but what I found unacceptable was your customer service, or the lack thereof. When customers call to enquire on anything, it's only normal that we expect a pleasant experience that clears our doubts by a helpful staff, rather than an upsetting experience that makes us feel as if we are nuisance that inconvenient your company.

This is a small issue but reflected badly on your company in a big way. I sincerely hope that instead of pinpointing responsibility on a single individual, your company can ensure that every single customer is treated with a service level that is comparable to any world-class corporations. After all, as our country moves towards a service-oriented economy, the level of customer service is going to be a major determinant for consumers in making their choices. And unfortunately, with this recent encounter, you have helped me to decide on my future choice.

With regards,

I wonder if they will try to find out who the staff was by themselves. Honestly i don't know who the person is and i indeed don't see the point in them finding fault with that person. I wouldn't wanna have any business with them anymore, so whether or not they reprimand the person or apologize to me doesn't make a difference anymore.

Then why i bothered to feedback, you may ask. Well, i just wanna give them a piece of my mind and let them know that this is not the way to carry on a business. We, as a nation, really gotta improve on our service level and mediocrity is not something we should tolerate or accept just matter-of-factly.

I do, however, feel that i was rather nasty to do that, as i might be getting someone else into troubles. Maybe i'm gonna get bad karma for this. But then, it's just too bad that the customer service lady rubbed me the wrong way when i was in bitchy mood. Normally i'm really sweet and nice. Really.  

Updated: 20-September-2006, reply received from the company at around 6pm.

Dear xxxx Pin,

Your enlightening mail is noted with thanks. We realize that our staff have caused you an inconvenience and we wish to convey to you our sincere apologies.

Please let me assure you that what happened in your case is not typical of xxxx's [co's name] level of customer service. We continue to be committed to providing you and all of our customers with the highest standards of service in the industry.

Last but not least please do not hesitate to contact us if you should need our services to resolve any outstanding matters pertaining to your insurance. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,


IMHO they reply not in a professional indirect apologies letter. Whether who rights who wrongs first thing should let the complainer feel comfortable giving feedback

IMHO they are just demanding you to finish more details for them to investigates

I’m not adding fuel just my opinion

Perhaps they didn't apologize in the first email because they wanna ascertain the authenticity of my claim before taking any action, instead of simply believing anyone's words.

Anyway, i did get an apology in the end (as i've updated in this post), but frankly, i wasn't angry anymore even before the formal apology. The damage has already been done and this company is certainly gonna be at the bottom of my list when i wanna take up insurance in the future.

At least some appreciation being shown on their last email, this should be the way...maybe on your 2nd email you make your stand very clear

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