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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

COE bidding

贝's Singapore PR application has been approved. What he needs to do next is to complete the formalities and he will then have to start his monthly CPF contribution. He was given two months from the date of the letter to complete the full application process, but we have a problem that needs to be resolved before he could proceed -- our car.

Uh huh, we failed the last two rounds of COE bidding, and thus we still haven't gotten our new car yet. Singapore government has made buying a car really exciting. You know, just like in any kind of bidding, we can't tell for sure what is the optimum bid. If we put the bid too high, we would be at the losing end in paying more money than needed; if we tender it too low, we would be unable to secure the COE, just like what happened in the past two rounds.

The sales lady told me that it was unexpected that the bid would shoot up so much and asked us to increase our bid by SGD1K for the next round. This basically means that the price of our car increases by SGD1K. Well, it seems like we don't really have a choice at this juncture, as when we get the car determines when 贝 can proceed with his PR applications (which must happen within two months time). After securing the COE, we still need about two weeks to get the car on the road. So we must must must secure the bid this time.

The next bidding is gonna be two days later (Wednesday). Hope we can get it this time with the additional SGD1K, or else we would have to go for the Open Category that costs even more. Oh, please please please let us get it this time.

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