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Monday, August 21, 2006

The third day

It's the third day after my wisdom tooth removal surgery , and i'm still having occasional slight oozing of blood from the wound. I'm also having this grossly tumid jaw and cheek. I really wonder if the swell could subside in another two days time. Both mom and 贝 agreed that the swelling this time seemed to be worse than the last. Darn, don't tell me i'm gonna be seen in such puffy face on Wednesday when i'm back to work.  

I've started taking semi-solid food today -- over-cooked rice soaked in soup and bread soaked in Milo. I was almost drooling whenever the advertisement of KFC was shown on TV. It has just been four days and i'm missing all the good food already. No wonder i failed to shred those few extra KGs.

For the past few days, the weather has been really hot and that gave me a headache again. So i've not been doing much except sleeping and watching TV. I've not written anything on my Kuching trip yet, and the longer i drag, the less i feel like writing about it. I think by the time i finally decided to get to it, i may probably have forgotten most part of the trip already. I guess i shouldn't procrastinate anymore.

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