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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Non-working week again

I'll be having another wisdom teeth removal surgery again at 3pm today. This time it's for my left lower and upper wisdom teeth. So i'll be on 3.5 days medical leave starting from this afternoon. This also means that for these two weeks, i've worked for only 3.5 days in total.

Despite having gone through the surgery once already, i'm still feeling nervous. The thought of having congee again for the next few days also makes me sick. As much as i hope i don't have to experience the same trauma again, i figured that i gotta go though it no matter what, so i might as well get it done and over with in this year.

Oh, and the CPF Board had approved my claim for the last surgery, but not the full amount. I managed to get back SGD443 by cheque from the dental clinic, which means that i gotta pay SGD100+ from my own pocket. I gotta scoop out similar amount again for this round.

I arranged the surgery to be on today because i wanted a male dentist to perform the operation this time. The female dentist who did my last operation is on duty every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so to avoid running into her, i chose a Tuesday. She's a nice doctor and all, but when it comes to extracting a tooth, male dentists do have more strength than female. I'm not being sexist here, as it really has nothing to do with skills or what. Male and female are just different by nature. I hope that with a male dentist this time, the surgery can be less traumatic.

I have things planned up for the following three days of MC. Other than blogging about my Kuching trip and writing another story for my Chinese blog, i've got to run a few errands on Friday. Mom will take leave from work to drive me around town getting the things done. Hope my cheek won't be swollen anymore by Friday.

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