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Saturday, August 05, 2006

My references were my angels

Received a call this morning from the prospective employer. The HR guy asked me to provide the contacts of two references. I asked him if that meant i had a shot at the job, and he said i had a good chance.

And so, i told him that i would return his call later with the contact numbers of two references because i wasn't sure if it was ok to give out their numbers to others without their consent. After ending the call, i frantically attempt to get in touch with two persons whom i thought would give good reviews.

The first was an ex-colleague who worked for my current employer. She's now a Manager in another company. The other is a Senior Manager from the company i worked for before i left for further study. He was my immediate superior and he's still with the same company.

I managed to get hold of both of them and asked for their permission to release their mobile phone numbers. I only told them that someone would call them for references, and i didn't ask them to put in good words for me. I hoped they would give their honest opinions, for i was quite sure that they would have mostly positive views of me.

Indeed, after the HR guy had contacted them, my two references told me that they had given good appraisals to that guy. I wasn't sure if all praises and no criticism would actually sound fishy, but their feedback was really not premeditated. I truely appreciate their help. They were like my angels, not only on the favourable reviews but more than that.

This whole event really touches me deeply. I realized how fortunate i have been and still am. I've come across many wonderful people in my life and still keep in touch with them. They are always there to lend their helping hands whenever i need them and they ask nothing in return. They have high regards for my capability despite my constant self-doubt.

It suddenly appears to me that it doesn't really matter anymore whether or not i get this job in the end. Their faith in me had restored some confidence that i've lost due to having stuck in a dead-end job for too long. I promised myself that i would not let them down by giving up hope if it takes a long time for me to secure a new career. If they have such belief in me, then i should believe in myself too.

Even though i couldn't understand why that company has such stringent selection process for just an executive level post, i've gotten something positive out of it, whether i fail or succeed. And this had made all the troubles worthwhile.

I guess everything does happen for a reason. And this time, it's to give me hope and confidence.


cause and effect and you have made a good cause!

Pin, to all of us you are always one of the smartest! You are talented, with good analytical skill, wrtie well, and master both English and Chinese excellently though we are "China Helicopter"! You have had worked for big MNCs that set high entrance barrier for people to get into their companies. Of cause we all have our short comings, but these do not deny the fact that you are gifted and talented in your language and technical skills!

We look in awe in both of your blogs...indeed!

You were too kind with your words, really. I thank you nonetheless.

Sometimes, i guess it's because i have a bunch of outstanding high-achievers as my close friends, such as you, that's making me pale in comparison. ;)

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