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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Road rage

It was 6.45am. Two cars were travelling at high speed on the highway leading to the 2nd Link.

The car at the back was trying to overtake the car in front, but the car in front would not let it pass.

The car at the back moved to the left lane, and the car in front moved swiftly to the left too. The car at the back then moved back to the right lane. The car in front did the same again.

"Ok, so you wanna play this game. Bring in on then!"

With a quick turn on the steering wheel, the car at the back changed from the rightmost lane to the leftmost lane in a split second. The car in front reacted quickly and did the same again.

Just as the car in front was entering the leftmost lane, the driver in the second car stepped on the accelerator.

"Bang!" the car at the back slammed violently into the car in front.

Both cars finally stopped. Both drivers were furious. The driver in the first car was thinking of yelling at the other driver for hitting his car from behind. As he walked out of his car, he was terrified at what he saw.

The second driver ran fast towards the first driver, with a heavy-duty steering wheel lock in his hand. The first driver immediately wanted to get back into his car, but alas, it was too late!

"This is for not knowing how to give way!" WHAM!

"This is for putting other drivers' lives in danger!" WHAM!

"This is for being a f*cking asshole!" WHAM!

Three heavy blows on the head sent the first driver to the ground wailing in pain, with his face covered with the blood gushed out from his head.

The second driver didn't stop here. He went on to smash the headlights, windscreen and all the windows of the first car with the steering wheel lock, while the injured driver lied on the ground in anguish, bleeding and waiting helplessly for the dreadful fate that would befall him.

This incident really happened -- well, at least for the first three paragraphs. The rest only happened in my head.

Uh huh, that was what i wished i could do to that bastard we came across this morning on our way to work. Lucky for him, we live in the real world where some people still have the sanity to know what's right and wrong.

Apparently, i have the potential to become a road bully if i were any more insane than i already am now.  

It was supposed to be a fine morning, just like any other. As 贝 was driving on the rightmost lane of the highway towards 2nd Link, he saw a car travelling not too far in front in a speed slower than our car.

At about 50 meter away, 贝 flashed the headlights at the car in front, signalling it to give way. But then, the stupid asshole refused to move to the let lane and continued hogging the right lane despite 贝 continuously flashing the headlights at him, signalling him to move out of the way.

This kinda reminded me of something that a Singaporean ex-colleague of mine once told me. He said whenever he travelled to Malaysia, he noticed that the Malaysian drivers were the ones with the courtesy to always give way to the speeding car. Whenever Malaysian drivers saw a car coming in high speed from behind, they would simply move to the left lane willingly. And he discovered that it was often the Singaporean cars that would hog the right lane. He said this was the thing he liked about Malaysian drivers on the North-South Highway. We all seemed to abide by this unwritten road courtesy voluntarily. Again, mind you, this came from a Singaporean driver.

So back to what happened this morning. That stupid car was with a Singapore plate, but it's most likely that the driver was a Malaysian since he was entering Singapore from Malaysia so early in the morning. If that asshole indeed was a Malaysia, then shame on him. Has he worked in Singapore for too long and lost the single road courtesy that Singaporeans have thought Malaysians were so readily to demonstrate as compared to them?

Not only did this stupid asshole refuse to give way to us, he even deliberately slowed down his car. When 贝 tried to overtake (or rather, undertake) him from the left lane, he then started the blocking game. Whichever lane we moved into, he would just block it by driving into the same lane. And this went on for at least 5 minutes or so, when in the end we were still stuck behind him because we didn't wanna take the risk of having an accident by driving recklessly.

This is totally outrageous. I can't describe how pissed i was (and still am). Denying other drivers who are driving faster than you to overtake by hogging the right lane is considered discourteous, but playing this kind of car blocking game is plain reckless driving. If you wanna throw your worthless pathetic life away, go ahead. Don't put other drivers on the road in danger too. What a f*cking SOB.  

I know how this kind of people think. They think that as long as they are driving within the speed limit, they have every right to travel on the rightmost lane. They think that the cars that wanna overtake them are driving over the speed limit and thus they don't have to give way to them. For people who drive in this manner, may i suggest you go and retake your driving theory test. I don't know how you passed the test in the first place. Hey, the rightmost lane is sometimes even referred to as the fast lane or the overtaking lane. Do i need to tell you why it was called as such, idiot??!!

And for those who have no qualm in engaging in car racing or blocking game on the road, may i also suggest that you just go and hang yourselves at home. Not only it would save other drivers the risk of sharing the same roads with you, you could also die a more painless death than that of a horrible car crash, which by the rate that you are going, it's very likely that you would meet with one sooner or later.


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