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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The job interview

Celcom 3G service is back to normal. Yay!

The seminar today was rather informative, but the venue wasn't so good as the hotel was not within walking distance of any MRT station. Lucky for me, my Senior Manager was willing to give me a ride from Tiong Bahru MRT station and save me the cab fee.

I told my GM that i wanna accompany my boyfriend to submit his Singapore PR application and would be back to office later. He has always been a lenient boss and i knew he wouldn't mind. Indeed, he even told me to take my time.

Ok, i know it's very bad of me to lie to him, but i couldn't possibly tell him that i had an interview after the seminar, right?! And in case you are wondering, no, i don't feel bad for telling this lie. Ok, i know, i'm so NOT going to heaven.

The one-hour interview went well, or at least i thought so. Both the interviewer and myself asked each other lots of questions. The typical question of stating my biggest strength and weakness was thrown at me, and i told the truth. I admitted my biggest weakness was that i could get impatient sometimes, which could pretty much be the nail in my coffin because i think this job does require plenty of patience. Well, i don't see the point in lying about it, as it's better for him to know up-front than to discover it later. Hmm, i was being honest this time. So maybe i can still go to heaven after all.

The work place is gonna be at Suntec City, which was something i didn't expect because i thought i would be working in a manufacturing plant. Actually i prefer not to work at city area. The food there is so expensive, and there are pressure to dress well everyday. Unlike where i work now, lunch and tea break are provided, and no one really cares about what i wear to work. Parking is also an issue because the parking fee at city area is so expensive, whereas now i park my car at our company compound for free.

Ok, it seems like i'm getting ahead of myself. I don't even know for sure if i will get the job. But frankly, the job is like tailor-made for me because my qualifications and background fit the job perfectly -- well, at least on paper. If i'm not offered the job in the end, it means that i actually screwed up the interview today, or there are stronger candidates.

Anyway, i just hope that i'll be offered the job with the pay that i had asked for. They will contact me next week if i were the one.

In the meantime, i'll carry on with my job hunt.


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