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Monday, July 24, 2006

An MSN chat log

I'll be attending a free seminar again tomorrow morning, and then i have a job interview in the afternoon. Three of our top management are going to the seminar too, one of whom is my immediate boss (the GM), so i gotta think of a good excuse for returning late to the office from the seminar.

Here's an MSN chat i had with 贝 last Friday, which shows how i would rejoice at other's misfortune:  

贝: jia lat... our office in Port Klang... the telekom cable being stolen overnight

贝: now whole office no line.... no telephone, no internet, no lease line

PinPin: aiyo... so jia lat

贝: yup.... coz the whole main chunk of cables was stolen

PinPin: but there's nothin u can do right

PinPin: wow, msia is really jia lat lah

PinPin: our government really needs to get its act together

贝: ya... i can't do anything.... then some staff gotta work in Shah Alam office

PinPin: how would foreign investors have confidence if things keep on happening like this???!!!

贝: so... having all offices using laptops has a good point in this situation....

贝: but Port Klang office is not... hehe...

PinPin: they are still on PC?

贝: if happen in JB office... they can just take the laptops and come to Singapore to work

PinPin: oh ya, u mentioned before they are using old PCs right

PinPin: maybe after this incident, they will learn the lesson and change to laptops

: all 4 KL offices are using desktops

贝: their IT budget is not like singapore

贝: they are 猫 in IT budget

PinPin: ok, then serves them right loh when things like this happen

PinPin: nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh...


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