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Monday, July 24, 2006

The final golf lesson

Celcom 3G was down since last Saturday. I called up Celcom Customer Service and was informed that 3G service would be unavailable until 30-July due to system upgrade or something. Oh, my! How am i gonna survive the days without Internet connection??!!  

Yesterday, after several postponement due to bad weather, we finally completed our last lesson on golfing. It was the first time we had a real game on a golf course.

We met up at Daiman golf course at 4.30pm. It was a hot Sunday afternoon.

Daiman Golf Course

The five of us (excluding our couch Daniel) were split into two groups, the girls and guys groups. Carol, Min and myself were in one group, while KT and 贝 in another. We hired three buggies, as only two persons could ride in one buggy.

Me on a buggy

We paid for a 9-hole game but only managed to play 4 holes in the end because we were too slow and it was getting late. To practice at the driving range is totally different from playing on the golf course. It was so much harder with all the different terrain at the golf course. It was a great experience nonetheless, even though i played terribly and lost a golf ball by hitting it into a pond. I did, however, manage to keep the golf ball off the sand bunkers, whereas the other four couldn't avoid this hazard. I guess that was pretty much the only achievement i could brag about yesterday's game.

By the time we finished playing the 4th hole, it was already 7pm+. Uh huh, that was how slow we were. We then treated Daniel to a dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Me and our golf couch Daniel

During the dinner, we got to know about Daniel's intention in setting up his own golf school and how he was confronted with obstacles because of the way our culture works here. He was rather disappointed to discover that in Malaysia, good ideas and expertise aren't valued at all. One gotta have all the right connections to get things done, which was something he didn't have here. He said he gave himself until the end of this year. If things still couldn't work out, he would most probably return to England.

I truly sympathized with him on the cultural shock. It must be tough for him to have to put up with the bad habits that were so deep-rooted in our culture here. But that's how things work around here, and there really isn't much he can do about it being a foreigner, when even we Malaysians find it helpless sometimes. Sigh, i guess he's gonna bring with him a really bad impression of Malaysia back to his home country.  

We finished the dinner and chit-chat at about 9.30pm. In addition to being totally beat, i also got so tanned that i now have two extreme skin tone on my arms and thighs:

Comparing the skin tone between my tanned arm and fat thigh

Sigh, i guess that's the price to pay for golfing.  


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