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Friday, July 28, 2006

Unbearable financial people

Sometimes i just wonder if i have bad karma with financial people, or the finance department in most (if not all) companies simply have the nastiest and most difficult people to work with.

As a person who provides user support for ERP system, i deal a lot with people from the finance department. So far, majority of them whom i've come across are simply unreasonable demanding bitches. They seem to have their noses in everything, and everyone has to follow whatever they say. It's always their way or the highway.

A lot of times, they are the ones who cause the different departments to be in a constant tug of war. It's so tiring to work in such manner that i'm lost as to what's the purpose of us being here. It's as though we are here not to contribute to the growth of the company but to wrestle, to cover our own asses, to knock others down, so that we can appear as the kings/queens of the company who have the carte blanche in ordering people around, in commanding those whom we deem as lesser beings.

Gosh, why can't we just work with each other instead of working against one another?

They are really driving me nuts!  


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