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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Same hair conditioners that are different

贝 always tells me that the different types of shampoos and conditioners claimed to be targetting at different types of hair are actually all the same. He couldn't understand why i would spend so much time choosing the shampoos and conditioners at Watson, when all he would do was just simply pick one off the shelf.

Well, being a person who had used many different brands of hair products before, i of course don't agree with his assertion. I do think that the different formulas in the various shampoos and conditioners make a difference in making our hair healthier and looking nicer. So i continue to take my time picking out the right type of shampoo and conditioner for my type of hair.

Then recently, i discovered something that kinda cast some doubts on my conviction.

Here's a hair conditioner that i bought in JB. The label reads "Sunsilk Nourishing Conditioner, soft & smooth, with Yoghurt Nutrient for hair that feels rough & dry".

And here's the exact same brand that i bought in Singapore that was supposedly be for the same type of hair, but the label reads "Sunsilk Nourishing Conditioner, weighty & smooth, with Yoghurt Nutrient for fluffy, flyaway hair". The descriptions at the back of the containers are also different.

Ok, one thing for sure is that yoghurt nutrient helps to smoothen hair. But is it meant for rough and dry hair, or fluffy flyaway hair? These two types of hair have very different texture, as rough hair won't have a flyaway look but tends to weigh down instead. So if the same formula can be used on these two extreme types of hair texture, then it's basically generic and not targetting at any specific type of hair at all.

Darn, i felt cheated.  



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