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Monday, July 31, 2006

The past weekend

I had a lousy weekend.

We didn't go for golf practice on Saturday because i wasn't feeling well. For the whole of Saturday, i had the chronic headache again, and i slept through most of the day. After dinner, i felt worse and gotta take Panadol. But less than 5 minutes after i popped the pills, i felt sick at my gastric and then threw up everything i ate for dinner.

Yesterday, i felt better than the previous day, but was still having tender eyeballs and mild feeling of nausea. I didn't set foot out of the house at all. I stayed at home the whole day watching TV and lying in bed.

Uh huh, that was my uninteresting weekend.

Seriously, i really don't know what was wrong with me. I didn't have diarrhea so it couldn't be food poisoning. I was having my menses so i couldn't be pregnant. I had normal portion of meals so it couldn't be overeating. I really have no idea why i vomited.

Now, i just feel tired. I hate Mondays.  

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You may be having migraine. There were times when my migraine were so severe that I had to throw up. For severe migraine that's the symptom. I'd also have migraine when I have my menses. You can try massage you skull and try to relax. Dun drink coffee when you have migraine. Try cooling water (if you are not having menses) and try isotonic drink. That's what I read in the newspaper, it helped sometimes. I used to take cafergot(?) but heard that it's bad for heart, I tried imigran (from GSK, v.expensive but I felt nausea) now i resort to panadol acti-fast and take cold shower to give my body a soothing feeling.

Thanks for the advice.

I'll heed your advice when i have the headache again, which i hope i won't get it anymore!

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