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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What we bought last evening

It was unbelievable. In just about an hour time, we bought something that cost SGD47K+.

We bought a new car last evening.

I bet the sales lady had never encountered any customers like us before. No test drive needed. No sales pitch needed. Not even a few days of consideration time needed. We went to the show room, took a brief look at the car on display (didn't even examine it closely), asked about the price, asked for some freebies, and viola, my name was on all the necessary documents and part of the down-payment was paid on the spot. It sure was an easy deal for the sales lady.

Before i make it sounds like buying a car is such trivial matter to us, it's actually not. It's just that we didn't really have other choices as this car is the only one that we could afford. At the current stage of our lives, car is simply a mode of transport for us to commute between JB and Singapore. So our main concerns were the price and the future cost of maintaining it.

Mom was shocked when i told her about the new car. She was very worried at first, as she thought we didn't have enough money and needed the proceeds from selling our current car for the down-payment of the new car. As the prices for used cars weren't so good now, she thought we wouldn't get too much out of the sale and would need to borrow money from my aunt. I spent quite some time assuring her that we weren't facing any financial difficulties in purchasing the new car, of course except that we would pretty much use up our own savings for it.

Anyway, if the bidding of COE goes smoothly, we will be able to get our car by the end of this month or the beginning of next month. So our problem now is to sell off the car that we are currently using. Other than hoping to get a good price for it, we also hope the timing of the sale will be just right -- if we sell off our current car before we get the new car, we would have problem commuting to work; if we can't get rid of our current car after we get our new car, we will have to pay for the installments for both cars. So we'll be looking out for buyers who can offer a good price as well as the right timing.

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