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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Busy busy busy

It has been a busy weekend and a hectic day.

Last Saturday, we went golf practising at the driving range in the morning. After that, i spent two hours at the hair saloon as it was the time of the month for my monthly hair treatment. I told my hairdresser that i wanted to change my hairstyle by having a fringe because i couldn't stand my hair kept getting into my eyes and face when i could no longer sit in front of my PC comfortably but needed to move and fix computer hardware everyday. My hairdresser decided that a short and thick asymmetric fringe was the right type for me. So now i have this bangs on my forehead that's lopsided. I think i look like one of the three stooges.

After the hair dressing, we visited a Chinese physician because i sprained my left hand again. It wasn't serious but i think the sprain kinda extended all the way to my left upper arm this time, as i could feel mild discomfort when i wriggled my arm. The Chinese physician did his thing, and i felt better though not completely healed. Then today, i felt the same pain again, which means i would have to revisit him again this weekend. We have to go back to see him again anyway because 贝 is under treatment for his gastric problem, which has persisted after he stopped seeing the other doctor.

Sunday morning, i woke up early for my monthly facial. Uh huh, women of my age really spend quite some money on their hair and faces. Well, there's a saying in Chinese that goes "there are no ugly women, but only lazy women". So maintenance is the key to eternal beauty. Anyway, in the end i went for my facial in the afternoon instead because mom had driven the car out while 贝 was already gone for his weekly badminton game, and i was stranded at home without any mode of transportation.

Back to work today, it was one crazy day. I have a tight schedule to complete the Micro$oft security updates and IT audit for all the workstations in the company within this month. And i'm doing it alone. While i'm struggling with it, i still gotta entertain the users, the top management, and the CONsultants. I wonder why they thought i could do it all by myself. Last i checked, i wasn't wearing a red underwear on the outside with a huge letter "S" across my chest. Now i really wish i could get outta here. Soon.

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