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Monday, August 14, 2006

Broken jade pendent

I've been wearing a jade pendant for ten years. I took it off my neck when i took my bath yesterday and accidentally dropped it onto the floor. It broke into two pieces.  

It was said that when the jade that you are wearing breaks, it has actually helped to cast away evil things or unfortunate events. I'm not a particularly superstitious person, but i do kinda believe in it and had always felt more at peace when i'm wearing it. Now that it has broken into two, i feel as if something is amiss.

I hope the jade can be salvaged by shaping it into smaller pendants. After all, it was a gift from my grandma, and she's gonna be really unhappy if she knows i broke it.  

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Like what u said: people believe jade can protect u by cast away evil thing, especially old people believe it.
So I think ur granny gave u for this purpose.
She'll be glad to know her dear grand-daughter is safe because of this jade. y would she feel unhappy leh! ??? (Sa Po)

My grandma was always happy when she saw me wearing this jade pendant, and she would always smile and commented it was a gift from her. Now that it's broken and i can't wear it anymore, i'm afraid she's gonna be disappointed. :(

Anyway, my mom is gonna help me to check with some jewelry shops to see if they can reshape the jade into smaller pieces.

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