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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Update on the fly

I'm running out of time, so this is an update on the fly.

贝 and i are going to Kuching tomorrow for a 4D3N holiday. It's one of our planned vacation from about eight months ago when we were purchasing the "free" Air Asia tickets. I've just finished packing and plan to turn in early, as the flight tomorrow is at 7am and i gotta leave home latest by 5.30am.

Received a call this late afternoon from the prospective employer. It wasn't a news that would send me jumping in joy. Here's an email i wrote to the HR lady after less than two hours of contemplation, which pretty much sums up what happened:

Dear xxxx,

Thanks for your call and I truely appreciate the employment opportunity that your company is offering me. However, after much consideration, it is with great regret that I have to respectfully decline the offer.

Aside from the salary target that I had set for myself, I have also hoped to take on a senior role in my next career. That was why i had applied for the senior position, but I may have fallen short of your requirements to be offered such post. I believe that it is beneficial for both the employer and employee to have a common ground in their expectations, and thus I am declining the offer.

It is a pity that I would have to forego the chance to work with you and the three interviewers. I would like to convey my most sincere gratitude for the time that the four of you have spent in considering my application. Hopefully there will be a chance in the future for us to work together.

Best regards,
xxxx Pin

Uh huh, i got the job, but at a salary that was below my minimum expectation and a post lower than what i had applied for. As much as i hope to leave the current company, i've promised myself not to change job just for the sake of changing. I'm seriously looking for a long-term career now (lest i really grow two bunny ears), so it has to be something i'm really happy with.

Upon reading the email, the HR lady called me back and tried to convince me to take up the offer. I stood by my decision and told her my minimum expectation. She said she would discuss with her boss(es) but she doubt they would budge. I doubt so too. Anyway, she said she would give me an answer by Friday, by which time i should be enjoying myself at Sarawak.

Perhaps i'm out of my mind. Perhaps i'm too fussy. Whatever. I'm just happy to know that i've yet again gone through all the obstacles and was being selected as their first choice. I guess i wasn't that bad after all, but also not good enough to get what i wanted. Oh well, there's always another chance. I just gotta be patient.

Ok, i'm just gonna consider this closed and enjoy my holiday. Cat city, here i come!


Oh? You are in Kuching?! Must really go to the Kuchng Festival. Is that why you choose to go there now?

Actually i didn't know about the Festival until i was there. And yah, i did go. :)

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