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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gift vouchers

I was back in the office around 11.10am today. Just as beer brat has mentioned, the Singapore PR renewal process was a breeze. I was in and out of the Immigration building in just less than 30 minutes and i'm a PR of Singapore for another 10 years. That's a very rare kind of efficiency that we can hardly find in civil servants of most countries.

I would have gotten back to the company earlier, but i went to pick up a gift.

And make that 10 pieces.

Uh huh, i got a total of SGD100 Takashimaya gift voucher, courtesy of a bad event that had indirectly made me sick. I couldn't believe that i was so lucky to win one of the prizes from the lucky draw. Amazing, isn't it? Free seminar with freebies at the door plus lucky draw. That's why i love attending free seminars/conferences/workshops. Informative or not, the attendees will sure get something out of nothing.

I'm not sure why they wanna get 10 vouchers of SGD10 instead of 1 voucher of SGD100 or 2 vouchers of SGD50 from Takashimaya. Maybe it makes the prize seems more, you know, 10 pieces of envelope as opposed to just one.

The place for picking up the prize wasn't within the walking distance of any MRT stations and so i took a cab. It cost me about SGD10, which means that i got a nett of SGD90 as compensation for a day of medical leave that i took after the event. Strictly speaking, i'm still on the losing end because my daily salary was more than that amount.

Hmm, i'd better get something nice with these vouchers. I intend to hold on to them till the year-end Singapore sales when stuff at Takashimaya will be more of a bargain. Hey, i'm a woman. I know best where to get good stuff. And when too.

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I see someone has just fallen into the trap of extending her PR... hehe......

NVM.... the vouchers should make it worthwhile.....

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