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Friday, August 25, 2006

Busy and in pain

I've been really busy at work for these two days. In fact, i foresee that it's gonna be hectic for many weeks to come. It hadn't been fun staying at home after the surgery. It was even lesser fun when work kept piling up during my absence, or even in my presence. I have kinda stopped my job hunting and am now contemplating if i should stay on till the end of the year before moving on.

I missed golfing. Since our final golf lesson last month, 贝 and i haven't been to a golf course again. I know that Carol had played a full game once and her hubby twice at the green. Oh boy, we really gotta start playing the real game instead of just practising the swings at the driving range. But i can't even go for a practice this weekend because the wound in my mouth is still making me uneasy.

Uh huh, the swell on my left cheek and jaw had subsided and it's barely visible now. Yet i'm still feeling mild pain at the operated area. That kinda worried me, as for the last operation, i pretty much felt nothing already by the 7th day. But this time it still hurts and i find it hard to open my mouth wide. I'm not sure if it was caused by the stitches that will only be removed on next Tuesday. Perhaps talking and eating solid food contributed to the pain too. I just hope it isn't due to post-surgical complications or something.

Ok, i think i'm scaring myself again. I gotta stop doing that.

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