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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stitches removed

The stitches were removed today. The process was painless, and the dentist said the wound was healing well. He checked the tooth that was adjacent to the extracted wisdom tooth and told me that the cavity wasn't very serious. If the gum can grow back well, i may not need filling for this tooth.

I asked him to check the tooth at the right side as well since the female dentist seemed to have missed checking it after the operation. It turned out that the cavity on the right tooth was actually worse and really needed filling. But the gum hasn't grown back completely yet (even though it has been more than two months!), so he scheduled the filling to be done two weeks later.

Sigh, i thought the misery caused by wisdom teeth would finally end today, but it seems like i'll still have to go through two rounds of teeth filling to be really done with this whole darn thing. So, really, it's best to get rid of impacted wisdom tooth as early as possible to prevent the agony that i've gone through.

I'll be attending a Micro$oft workshop for the next two days. Yes, it's free, with lunch and tea provided as well. I expect there will be some freebies again. Well, that's the whole point of going to these events, isn't it?!  

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