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Thursday, September 07, 2006

COE bidding result

Received a call from the car sales lady this afternoon, just minutes before the COE bidding result was unveiled. She told me that she was gonna increase our bid by SGD1.2K instead of the SGD1K that we had agreed. She said it was very likely that the COE price was gonna exceed SGD13K, so we would better add another SGD200 just to be on the safe side. This means that we were tendering SGD13.2K in total for the COE.

Indeed, this round of COE for Category A closed at SGD13,003. So we've finally successfully secured a COE this time, even though we tendered at a price that was SGD197 higher than the minimum bid.

Well, instead of feeling upset over paying extra due to over-bidding, i would rather think that we saved SGD2K because the Open Category was closed at SGD15.2K this time. Imagine if we went ahead with just bidding at SGD13K and missed the minimum amount (by a mere SGD3!), then we gotta pay for the Open Category because we couldn't wait for the next round of bidding anymore. That would have increased the price of our car by SGD3.2K instead of the SGD1.2K now.

My next concern now is how fast the sales lady can get our car ready. She said under normal situation, it takes about 2 weeks for a car to be released to the buyer after the COE bidding. I asked her to rush it out for me and hopefully she could get it on the road the soonest possible. 贝 needs to get his PR application settled, and we also gotta sell of our Malaysian car before it depreciates further in value.

Anyway, i'll be driving a new car pretty soon. I guess that's something to look forward to and will sure help to alleviate some of my xian-ness.

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