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Thursday, September 21, 2006

A picture from Bangkok

I think one of the hottest news and blog topics now should be about the coup d'etat in Thailand that happened yesterday.

When i heard the news in the car this morning, the first thing i did was to inform 贝 about it. 贝's brother is working in Bangkok and i hope no harm would come to him. Even though the news reported that there was no bloodshed and the country seemed to be peaceful after the coup, it was still worrisome since martial law is in place now.

Then 贝's brother told him that everything was fine. He even sent 贝 a picture of a street in Bangkok taken today:

Notice the military vehicles along the road? I wonder how this could possibly not induce fear in the common people. If the same were to happen in Malaysia, we would probably all freak out. I guess the Thai are somewhat used to such kind of political crisis because they've undergone several coups before in recent history.

So amidst the various problems we have in our country, we should be grateful that we are enjoying a certain degree of stability at the national level.

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Smooth coup and no bloodshed..Pray this will continue ..peacefully

Thai Airways tack line: A “smooth as silk”

Yes, i hope the whole fiasco could progress and end in a non-violent way, just as how it started.

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