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Friday, September 22, 2006

Car sold

We've finally sold our Malaysian car to my aunt's ex-boyfriend, but at a price considerably lower than our target. He was only willing to pay RM56K for the car, which was RM4K lower than what we had hoped to get. The upsides to this deal were that he's gonna pay the full sum in cash and he's also willing to bank in the money first before transferring the ownership of the car.

贝 and i are going back to his hometown next Thursday, and he had promised his mom to return the money when he returns. This means that we gotta have the RM50K ready by next week and thus we couldn't wait for better offer anymore.

Stupid Toyota is trying hard to push their sales by year end with all kinds of promotions, and that adversely affects the resell value of our car. Unless we could get a direct buyer, which requires more time and effort, it's unlikely that we could bargain for a higher price with used cars dealers.

I guess we were just unlucky. The timing of the course of events couldn't be any worse. We had an offer of RM61K last month, paying by cash too. But we failed to secure the COE and couldn't let the car go at that time. In the end, after three attempts, we still gotta pay SGD1.2K extra for the COE, and we could only get RM56K now for our old car. That's an opportunity cost of RM4K.

Sigh, only if we just paid the extra SGD1.2K for the very first COE bidding, we could then immediately secure the COE last month and get rid of the old car at RM61K. Now we lost at both ends. But then, this is on hindsight and it's always easier to say "only-ifs" in retrospect. We were just darn suay lah!  

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