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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Relaxing now and the interview yesterday

I'm at the Nissan service centre now, having the first service (1000km) for my new car. The waiting lounge is comfy, with free flow of drinks and a high-speed wireless Internet connection. I'm actually enjoying the waiting time here.

Took urgent leave today as planned. (Hmm, if it's an urgent leave, how could it be planned?) I sms-ed the HR personnel that i didn't manage to get the paper work of selling my car done yesterday, and needed to take leave today to settle it. Well, i wasn't really lying; i was only telling a half truth. The purpose for me to take leave today was indeed to settle outstanding things in selling my car, but i took half-day leave yesterday to attend the 2nd interview.

Ah, and about the interview. Sigh, i think i did badly. I was caught by surprise with some questions that were asked, and kinda bull-shitted my way through, so much so that while i was answering the interviewer's questions, i heard a voice in my head saying, "what the f*ck are you talking about". The interviewer also took notice of my resume on the previous working experience and said that i seemed to get bored every 2 years in a company, which to me was pretty much translated into being a job hopper.

Frankly, my interest in this job kinda decreased after talking to the 2nd interviewer. I have some reservation about this person and wondered if it would be good to work under such boss (even though he would be my boss' boss if i were selected and to take up this job). I'm not sure if what i sensed in him was right, but i wouldn't deny that my ex-boss comments on the interviewers did more or less have some effect on my perception.

In addition to that, there was good news for my current company. It seems like everything is indeed going in the positive direction as expected by the management, and it may not be a bad idea now for me to stay put. Anyway, whether i get the new job or not, and whether i decide to stay with current employer or not, i have some plan in mind and am gonna make some strategic moves to ensure that i would be duly appreciated by the current company.  

My car should be ready soon. 贝 and i will be going to the driving range later if we can get back to JB early enough. It feels so good to not having to work and just take our own sweet time in doing whatever we wanna do. How i wish everyday can be spent like this... ya, ya, i know. Dream on.  

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