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Friday, October 13, 2006

Our differences

The water supply resumed last night, but the water in our water tank was depleted as expected. So now the water taps with water originating from the tank are still without water.

You know, when you tell me to do something in a certain way, i could have three kinds of responses: (1) i follow your words; (2) i keep mum but still do it my way; (3) i tell you what i think and continue doing it my way.

I know that there's this little chauvinist in you that you sometimes hope i could just listen to you, but the fact is that i'm a person with my own mind and there are certain things that i think differently from you. If i think that there's nothing wrong in doing a certain thing my way, i will continue doing it as how i want it to be done.

I know that relationship needs compromises to work. I do my best in doing that whenever possible, and i believe you have been doing the same too. If i don't have a strong opinion about something, i don't mind doing it your way, just so that there will be no disagreement and we can both be happy. But when the something happens to touch on my personal values, there's no way that i will follow what you've told me to.

Sometimes i choose not to say anything doesn't mean that i concur with you or i'll follow what you've said. I don't wanna explain to you why i don't intend to heed your words because in the process of telling you my reasons, more often than not, i would make you unhappy and we would bicker. But i know that sometimes by choosing to remain silence, i piss you off even more and we may still bicker in the end. So you see, it's pretty much a dilemma.

We both know that for many things in this world, there's no absolute right and wrong. Whether doing it your way or my way is just a matter of preferences and adopting different approaches to life. As much as i hope that we can be in tune on that, i know it's not possible because we are two distinct individuals. We were brought up differently and different values were instilled into us since young. We may adjust our frequencies to be closer to each other, but there's no way we can ever be exactly the same.

Well, i don't think we wanna be exactly the same anyway. I wouldn't wanna be with someone who's exactly like me, and i believe the same goes for you too. After all, our differences complement each other, despite the disagreement that may sometimes arise due to these differences.  


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