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Monday, October 09, 2006

A character flaw

Recently i'm very much addicted to reading manga. I spent the weekend reading online manga, and then am now looking for free manga on the Web for download. And what i meant by "addicted" is doing something all day long and late into the night, without doing anything else.

贝 said that i'm a person who would easily sink into self-indulgence and is lacking in discipline. I agreed with his assertion totally. I told him not to worry though because i believe i'll get out of it very soon, for i have short attention span and i hardly follow through with the things i indulged in. Uh huh, i'm the kind of person who once gets hook on something, i'll be doing it non-stop, but only for a short period of time and then i'll get tired of it very soon. I guess that's a character flaw in me, and i wonder if it's one of the reasons why i've not stayed with any companies for more than two years.

After hearing what i said, 贝 became even more worried, as he wondered when i would be getting tired of him. Well, relationship is different from hobbies. Unlike the activities i engaged in, which are normally short-lived, i tend to have long relationships. Yep, the first was 7 years and the current one is in the 6th year. Perhaps if i could look at a job or a hobby like a relationship, i would be able to stay with it for a longer time.

Anyway, notwithstanding this minor shortcoming, i'm still perfect.  


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