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Monday, August 13, 2012


Last Friday was supposed to be my last day with the company. Well, to majority of the people in the company, it still was my last day because i did send out a farewell email.

However, the fact is that I have agreed with the management to postpone my employment for another week, on the condition that i do not need to go into office anymore. This means that my last day will be next Friday instead.

The system design work that i was fully in charge of could not be completed in time. No one could really take over my work effectively and my estimation was that another 3 days of fully focused time should be sufficient to complete the job, but just to be safe the management asked for one week. Since I wanna ensure the work is done and handed over in perfect form, and I also wouldn't mind the extra money, I agree to the extension. As i am working on the Group project and dealing with the people in UK, i also told the management that i would most probably be working on UK time zone so that the turnaround time can be faster.

However, I will still need to travel back to office tomorrow to submit my claims. I have not processed my claims for two months and tomorrow is the deadline for submission. Now that i gotta travel back to SG on my own and the new office location is so inconvenient, i would have to figure out the best travelling route from JB to office.

Besides this one-week extension, the management was also asking me to consider doing part-time work for the project. I have not decided if i would indeed take up the offer, as i am not particularly happy with what they intend to pay me for the work. If i am not gonna be paid right for the continual stress that i am getting, i'd rather take the time to recharge and have a good rest before starting a new journey.


it's kinda hard to believe that after reading of stress and working late finally all these are over. Yes! Sure this is a very very hard decision to be made, and you still agree to hang on until perfect completion. Gee, that's what you are. It's waste the company to let go a calibre person like you,but like you said before you're too pampered liao. I think stress is matter of individual, if you are the person who strives to deliver best result, it's gonna happen in other job too. of course if the job aligns with interest (quite impossible leh) it will produce maximum satisfaction, hopefully not turning it into frustration and dread. why not of taking up the offer and try it out first until things become steady, hopefully the timezone doesn't ruin the new plan and lifestyle. oh, hope your mom has recovered greatly.

mind sharing the upcoming new journey? i wonder if it involves bakery. whatever it is, don't exert too much stress like the "previous" job - eat and sleep also not in good order. cheers, all the best :)

Better take a good rest than take up the part time job with your ex-company.

If you do open up Bakery shop. I will be your number one customer. :)

You must be very stress out because of all these extension. Actually you can choose to say no to all these requests. Knowing you, I know you wont because of the great sense of responsibility that you have.

Nevertheless, it is still better to ask the mgt to find out someone who "need" to take over. if you think another way, it is better to tell your ex-company that you are not extending so that they buck up.
May be better choice is to spend more time with your mother. :)


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