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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Jet lag and packed, AGAIN

Now, I don't know about you who are reading this, but I, the one who is writing this, am kinda sick of the similar title and content on this blog.

Uh huh, i've just finished packing a big luggage again. Am flying from Senai to KL tomorrow morning, and will be back in JB on the following Friday. I'll be staying over in KL for the weekend.

So, this is my life now - all about work and business trips.

Ok, maybe not ALL about these. I do have occasional fun with friends and idling time at home doing non-productive things such as reading comics, watching movies/drama series, browsing the Web...

I was back in SG on Saturday morning. I took a cab back to my rented place, unpacked all the dirty clothes, and packed those i wanna bring to KL. Then while waiting for mom to pick me up, i dozed off for a short while. I couldn't sleep on the flight despite the comfort of business class. I tried to go to sleep but my biological clock was still tuned to UK time and it was still day time for my body. What i ended up doing was a movie marathon; i watched 4.5 movies during the 13 hours flight - yeah, as usual, i always couldn't finish watching the last one and it was time for landing.

Anyway, I had only slept for not even an hour and mom was there to pick me up already. The Causway was horribly congested on that day and it took us more than two hours to reach home in JB. It was already 6pm+ when we got home and i decided to keep myself awake till night time as a means to adjust my biological clock back to Malaysia timezone.

I was really exhausted beyond words, as i had not slept for almost a day (except that short nap). So i went to bed at 9pm+, but woke up at around 2am+, still feeling tired. I went back to sleep and slept all the way until 1pm+ on Sunday!

I'm not sure if i slept too much or i was really burnt out, i woke up feeling as if all energy was drained from my body, and i had a bad migraine again. Overall, it was a miserable weekend working hard at overcoming the jet lag.

As i've already expected the bad jet lag from the previous trip, i took leave today and stayed at home. I had a good rest today and i think i have somewhat managed to adjust my biological clock back faster this time. Of course, fatigue was still all written over my face. I do not foresee how i can overcome this physical and mental weariness without making changes to my life.

And really, that is the only cure for me now.

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Haha. You are lucky to have business class. My company only allow economy class where I have to fly from Singapore to Amsterdam for 12 hours then transfer from Amsterdam to Geneva for another 1.5 hour :)

Anyway, we are expecting to read some of the post that you promise to put up :P

Have a good rest! Kanbateh!

Yeah, really kinda sick already, haha. Why not blog about the idling stuff you did, perhaps it would draw your opinion and enlighten your readers :) hey, reading comic and browsing web are not really unproductive.. Anyway, wish your work in kl all the best! Sounds like very very important project you indulged in, look at the bright side - you're one indispensable gal. Ah, don't spend 500+ on your hair with minor minor trim again lor .. Cheers, have fun kl. Perhaps this will be a great opportunity to strengthen your teammates relationship.

Yeah lor, what happen to the good news. This quite a suspense .. .

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