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Monday, May 21, 2012

Jet lag

Am in KL now and doing my best to last till 6pm. I've been having serious jet lag and only slept for less than 3 hours last night.

I reached my rented place in SG on Saturday at around 7pm. Mom came to fetch me back to JB. We went for supper after we were back in JB. We do not normally take supper but that day was an exception. I really missed the local food after two weeks of sandwiches in UK, and so we went for satay and ice kacang (because it was hot and humid in JB!).

After we got home (which was already 10pm+), i had wanted to take a bath but saw the bed and couldn't resist the temptation to lie on it. Then i fell asleep and woke up on my own at around 1am. I took a bath and checked emails & FB, and then went to bed at around 3am. I figured that i'd still have about 5 hours of sleep before i gotta get up to get ready for church.

However, to my dismay, i couldn't fall asleep at all. I tossed and turned in bed till daybreak and finally managed to fall asleep at around 8am. I skipped church and slept all the way through 2pm+. Apparently, my biological clock was still tuned to UK time, which is 7 hours behind our time.

(In case you are wondering, i didn't have much problem with jet lag when i was in UK. Normally travelling across time zones is more disruptive when travelling from west to east.)

Last night, knowing that i have a morning flight to catch, i had wanted to turn in earlier. Yet, the effect of jet lag still lingered and i only managed to fall asleep after 3am but gotta wake up at 5:30am. Surprisingly, i wasn't sleepy at all this morning and could stay awake on the flight and in the cab, but am starting to yawn now.

Gosh, i guess it's gonna be a long day for me.

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seems like your work at KL is more relaxing or your just dun have mood to work. Look at the hour you blog? Man, shouldn't you be working?

you probably need more coffee later ... cheers.

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