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Monday, April 16, 2012


Ok, i am indeed getting lazier to blog recently. Blogging seems to have become almost like a weekly affair for me. Oh boy, this is not good.

Anyway, i've just finished packing my luggage. Am flying to KL from Senai tomorrow morning. I will need to be there for next week as well, but this time i've decided to fly back to JB for the weekend instead of staying in KL (no, this decision is NOT because of the expensive haircut i had last time when i stayed over for weekend!).

For the past week, i had actually gone into office only once (on Friday). I worked from "home" for the other 3.5 days (and took half-day leave on Thursday morning). I was having bad back + shoulder + neck ache and migraine, and decided to stay at "home" instead of going into the office.

My chronic migraine is induced by my spinal ache problem, which in turn is caused by spending excessive hours in front of computer with bad posture. I would slouch and tilt my head forward (like a turkey) when i am using a computer. My daily work is desk-bound and i do not really need to get up from my chair at all if not for going to the pantry or washroom or out for lunch. Then when i get home, i would spend my time in front of the computer again and i do not exercise at all either. Such job nature and unhealthy lifestyle have now finally taken a toll on me.

I can't imagine suffering from such spinal ache and migraine everyday in my old age, which will very likely be the case if i continue on like this. I think this is a warning sign from my body and i should really make a change now before it is too late.

And trust me, change is underway... gradually.


wah, not another traveling again! and, sigh, you're getting lazier and lazier each day liao. imagine the idea of working from home really accepted you might become even worse than currently. perhaps the aches and migraine are due to you lack of exercise. you need to think about this, why not of considering to have some sport activity with your friends/colleagues, like playing badminton, tennis or even cycling in the weekend? hey, change is underway, but no, not to the worse! remember about your new year resolution hor - change to change, for the better. stay sharp and focus! ganbatte :) cheers, and all the best in work! and always avoid taking nap in the cab and that's why you need to always stay healthy.

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