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Sunday, April 08, 2012

The past long weekend

I went back to JB on Wednesday night as i wanted to avoid the expected massive traffic jam on Thursday night due to the long weekend. It is a public holiday in Singapore on Good Friday, and some people would be going into Malaysia too for "qing ming". Hence it was double the occasions and the traffic going into JB should be more than usual.

I worked from JB home on Thursday, and then had an event-packed weekend.

On Friday, mom and i went to the beauty salon for our monthly facial routine. Then in the afternoon, i attended a special cell group gathering at our cell group leader's house. As Good Friday was not a public holiday in Malaysia, a lot of people gotta work and were caught in traffic jam and couldn't make it at the last moment. At the end, there were only a few of us but it was a gathering nonetheless. Our cell group leader showed us a video testimony that really touched my heart.

Yesterday, i met up with a church sister for afternoon coffee. She brought me to a cafe at the neighbouring taman. This cafe was opened a few years ago but i was not aware of it. She told me that the coffee there is award winning and we can request the barista to draw any pictures on the coffee we order. We ordered latte and my friend asked the guy to draw Hello Kitty but he said he could not do it, and so she settled for a teddy bear while i asked for a smiley face.

Then we took up the challenge of drinking the coffee while keeping the coffee art intact. She couldn't do it to perfection and the teddy bear face was disfigured after she drank the coffee. As for me, i did it perfectly! The coffee smiley face was still smiling beautifully after i finished drinking it.

In the evening, i went to my mom's church service with her and my aunts. It was a special service for the Easter weekend and there was a special guest to share his testimony.

For those who are from Singapore and JB, or those who watch Singapore tv dramas, you sure will know who this person is. Uh huh, he is the famous Singapore actor, Li Nan Xing. He shared his story about how he became a Christian and how God had turned his life around at the darkest and lowest point of his life.

I know that he is very famous around here; he was once said to be the Chow Yun Fat of Singapore. However, i did not expect that he actually has quite a fan base (especially all the aunties). The church was so packed last night that we ran out of seats. A lot of non-believers attended the service just to see him and to take picture of/with him.

Then this morning, it was just like any other usual Sunday even though it was the Easter Sunday. I attended church in the morning and then came back to SG in the afternoon. I will have to complete an online IQ test by today, which i have delayed for three days already. For now, i will not disclose why i am doing this; i hope i will do well or at least get an average score. I sure do not want people to think of me as an idiot.

On an unrelated note, i still have lots of photos taken in Hanoi to be uploaded to FB. This is the thing about me - if i do not do something in one shot and get it done and over with, i'd tend to procrastinate and sometimes may even never get it completed at all. That's why a lot of posts and pictures did not get posted on this blog at all even though i had the intention to do so. Oh well.


the art is cute cute, but, it would be quite a pain lor to drink with extra careful and cautious, and gotta sorry if it gets ruined. imagine to drink with a sorry state when it supposed to be happy relaxing one, sigh.. but hey, kudos that you didn't smear it! kinda reminds me of the japanese bento box trend/craze . hmm, is it just me to think if you are bullying the guy to draw hello kitty, you know, asking a guy to draw a hello kitty is quite different from a snoopy, aha ...

everyone who reads and follows your blog could tell that you are not an idiot and certainly wouldn't call you one. You are one insightful person :), and stop being such pessimistic! so, what is the score? aha, hope that you did not gotcha on this. but i'm sure you are much intelligent than me, especially in articulation and perception. why of a sudden got interested with IQ questions, is it because from boss? oops, forgot not to ask. anyway, i didn't dare to take one myself either, being called an idiot is one thing, but to realize stupidity is innate is so so depressing. of course, IQ is not everything, it just a test on mathematics, logics, general knowledge which at times do not translate to street smart and practicality. Cheer up gal, when you stay positive you will definitely see things clearer and better, and react well on it :). and yup, you should stop being one lazy girl as well!

happy (belated) easter to you.

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