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Monday, April 02, 2012

On leave today

I just got back to SG at around 2pm today. Am now lying on the bed and typing this post with the Samsung Galaxy Tab (uh huh, i've not returned it yet).

Took leave today to rest, and that was indeed what i have been doing the entire day - laze around and do nothing productive.

Had a fantastic Saturday catching up with friends, especially seeing Siang and her gal again. It's a pity that it was only one day of meeting up with them for this year, and i will not see them again until next year.

There are actually lots of things to write about and even more pictures to share, but somehow i am getting very lazy to blog recently. I totally blame this on FB. Now that i spend more time on FB and can do instant update on it, i find myself having less enthusiasm to blog already. I also don't deny that my recent situation at work and in life also contributed to me not having the mood to blog.

Oh well, i'm sure this is just temporary (it'd better be!), as i seem to get into such cycle all the time. Let's see how it goes then...


NO! why the FB ?? hmm, wonder if the temptation urged you to get one of your own, or maybe an ipad 3?? oh well, take good rest after all the hectic travelings, and come out fully rejuvenated (hey, the company needs the productive of you). look forward for positive things in work! cheers.

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