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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Staying at different hotel

Instead of sitting in the comfy 5-star The Gardens Hotel with ample space and a super king size bed, i am now in a small room with two single beds in Cititel.

This is the first time ever that i forgot to make reservation for a hotel room for my business trip. I couldn't figure out why i would actually forgot about it. I even offered Siang to stay with me if she wants to visit KL with her gal, and yet i didn't book the hotel room!

(Uh huh, Siang is back from Japan for her annual holiday again. She would be staying only for about two weeks, and i only have this coming weekend to see her and her daughter.)

Oh, and i really wanna commend the front desk staff at The Gardens Hotel. When she knew that i had not made a reservation and there was no more room available, she actually helped me to call Boulevard and Cititel to ask for room availability so that i did not need to haul my luggage around Mid Valley to look for a place to stay. I have always liked the customer service at The Gardens Hotel, and this time they proved to be really good again.

Anyway, everything happens for a reason and i take this as a message from God to remind me to be humble.

I recall that i mentioned in one of my earlier posts about how the business class to The Netherlands wasn't as good as the one i took to the USA. I also said to my colleagues that the food on the flight to Hanoi was lousy and they reminded me that it was econmy class. Then after checked in to one of the best hotels in Hanoi, i commented that the hotel wasn't really that spectacular.

So all in all, i think i am overly pampered by my company by flying business class and staying at hotels that are 5-star and above. Whatever i have now are blessings. When i leave this company, i would not be having all these anymore. Hence i really should not be complaining.

The condition of the hotel aside, Cititel is actually a place i have wanted to avoid. There are memories of this hotel that i would rather not be reminded of. I guess it is another trial for me to face the things that i have wanted to run away from.

On an unrelated note, just now when i was checking in at Cititel, a guy waiting in front of me asked me if we are near the twin towers. I told him that i am not too sure, and then he started chatting up with me, asking me where i am from and told me that he is from Portugal. Then after i have checked in and was about to go to the lift, he came over and invited me for a coffee. I declined and told him that i wanna catch up on my work (it was an excuse). He then asked me how about later in the evening after i have finished my work, and we could go get some drinks outside. I really did not know what other reason to give and hence just said, "erm, sorry, no, i don't think so."

Gee, I hope i won't run into him again for the rest of the week (especially during breakfast). If i really do bump into him again, i hope he gets my message just now and will not come bothering me anymore.


huh, you're really complaining a lot ... but sometimes complaining does help in improving the service when you are being reasonably point out the flaw (of course, i don't believe you're the type who cusses for lousy service). can't blame you for being forgetful also with hectic schedule like this mah, you shouldn't even be in KL for this week. i guess your friend and her little gal (but it's not august yet) would not mind about it though you might disappoint them a little, if only you have gotten something from netherlands, hanoi :)... is it possible that you book again for wed, thurs?

take care gal, and always stay wise, be vigilant. the security nowadays is really bad, even malaysia is ranked #19 safest in the world (don't complain-hor). and hey, don't sleep in the cab! cheers, all the best in work.

haha! that's y I always said you are being over-pampered lor! To me, Cititel is ok lah! You ask NG where is my co ask us to stay in KL and see. :p

If Siang is really going KL to meet u up, I think she also don't care which hotel to stay as long as you are there. That's the most important thing.

As for the so called "bad memory", it should be erased.

Take care. We are looking forward to our reunion this weekend oh! so please take good rest, don't fall sick lor!

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