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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

At Hanoi

Today is my second day at Hanoi.

Arrived yesterday afternoon with at least another 20+ colleagues taking the same flight, including all the big shots. There is only one flight to/fro SG and Hanoi everyday and so almost everyone from SG was on the same flight. A few of us were joking that all the board members of Asia region were on the same flight except my boss who flew in from HK, and this was actually a risk. Imagine that if the unfortunate happens, then there will only be my boss left in the leadership team in Asia.

I am still having slight jet lag and hence am rather tired. However, these two days have been quite enjoyable.

I didn't bring along the power supply for my laptop and had kinda used up the battery yesterday. I am now using my iPhone to blog and hence I don't intend to type a long post.

So I guess I'll end here. I ought to have an early night because there will be a gala dinner tomorrow and I bet it's gonna last till late night.

It's gonna be a long day tomorrow.


You didn't bring along the power supply or don't remember to bring along?
Enjoy your time there. No matter how hard the work, still have to rest. Take care.

haiyah, why you always think of the bad things one, touchwood, touchwood... but really this is one big team together having the same flight, you're not gonna be bored in the plane lor :). hope you'll have fun (of course), and build a strong team spirit among your colleagues. And your staff understand you much much better when you are off from work, so don't give up! hmm, any itinerary drafted already? oh, even if you didn't bring the power, you can still pinjam from your colleagues too. look forward for you writing about the delicious food. cheers.

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