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Monday, February 27, 2012

At Senai Airport

Going to KL today and will be back in JB on Friday as usual.

I have a new member joining my team on 1st March. This is a young boy at his early 20s who has just a few years of working experience. He will be doing mostly technical work even though we will also train him up on application side.

I have two additional headcount this year, which will make my team 8 persons (including me) in total. I still need to recruit one more staff for helpdesk function but it has not been easy to get the right people. I've actually made offer to two candidates before and both accepted the offers initially but then changed their minds later on (before signing the appointment letter). One received a counter-offer from her current employer and the other got a way better offer from another company.

It is really a pain for me to go through the recruitment process over and over again. As this vacancy is a junior position, my boss is unwilling to pay the recruitment agency for it (which costs a lot for a successful placement). He now even wants to consider candidates without the specific system skills and have us train the person internally instead. Well, you got what you pay for; since he's unwilling to pay the price, the quality of the people will sure suffer - just that the ones who will be suffering will be us, for we will have to couch, monitor and possibly clean up the shit of an inexperienced team member.

Oh well, I guess this is part of what we are paid for, so we gotta take in whatever shit resulted from the decision of the management.


worse thing about hiring new recruits is boss doesn't care about them and leave the induction to the seniors who already busy with their workload. and even worse , the new hires do not show any initiative to learn and only react when they are only being told, as if they don't have mind on their own. and even even worse, nowadays with distractions from smartphone, tablet and internet don't expect to have them using their free time to polish up skills to catch up with the team. sigh, what's wrong with the new graduates these days. during my time when i was a fresh grad, i did ask boss for task and by self initiative to get involved in the hands-on to understand the job better. i supposed you should emphasize the new hire to focus more on practical and hands on rather than letting them stuck for months only reading notes like in school. THey are paid to work, not to study and read. Anyway, most people nowadays are employed not really related to discipline of their study. But then, if only they are willing eager to learn. some people really cannot do programming and if they are hired for software development for the reason being trainable, it will gonna be a disaster.

Oh well, perhaps with understandable capable and also reliable boss like you, the new hire must be a lucky guy! just show that you are a different boss from the rest. all the best, pinpin. cheers.

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