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Sunday, February 05, 2012

At Senai Airport

I am flying to KL later on the 6:40pm flight. Will be returning to JB on Friday night.

Some people from UK will be coming over for a meeting, and they did not know that Monday and Tuesday are public holidays in Malaysia. They only realised it last week but it was already too late since their flight and schedule cannot be changed anymore.

As such, i've asked my team members to come back to work and they will be credited with two days of off-in-lieu. Two of the members already have travelling plans and hence they will not be able to make it. Hence we won't be having the full team for the meeting, which is something not ideal but we just have to proceed with it.

The central air conditioning in the office building is shut down during public holidays. We would have to switch on our own air conditioning in our meeting room if we were to have the meeting there. The UK guy did not want that and decided to have the meeting at the hotel instead. Hence we will be having our meetings at The Garedens Hotel for Monday and Tuesday, but we will have to bring our own projector and extension cord because renting from the hotel is gonna be expensive. He told me that the hotel charges RM800 per day for the projector. We could have bought a new one with that kind of cost.

I am supposed to present something about the system to the UK guys tomorrow morning but i have not even started on preparing the presentation slides at all. Lately, i simply have no mood to work at all and have been procrastinating on the work that need to be done. Now this cannot be delayed anymore and i'll have to finish up the slides tonight. Sigh, serve me right for not doing it earlier.


hee hee hee, I think it's more than mood, it's also personality and style. I'm also like that lei. Was off since Friday then sleep sleep sleep and relax only do my work last minute when I've no more time to play with!

monday and tuesday are holiday and somemore have to work, this is certainly nuts! ha, it would take extraordinary people to shake off that procrastination. it would not be ideal too for things that are conducted in a rush though. hope you can pull this through and had a smooth meeting :).

oh, today's is the 14th day of the CNY, so if anything went wrong (of course not), maybe you can fix that by bringing them for nice nice dinner. all the best, pinpin, you can do it! cheers.

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