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Monday, January 23, 2012

Reunion dinner

Am in SG now. Came in with mom this morning and we just had the reunion dinner here.

I think i should have mentioned before that my mom is a great cook, which is known among my friends. What i may not have mentioned was that i have two aunts who are good cooks too, one from SG and the other one in Melaka. I think the culinary talent probably runs in the family. My late maternal grandpa used to sell Hainanese Chicken Rice, and that's one of the few traditional dishes that i know how to cook.

However, having so many good cooks in the family means that i hardly need to cook at all and hence have not learned much culinary skills from them. All i know is to eat and critique.

Hainanese Chicken (the "white" one) is one of my favourite dishes as well, and we always have this dish for every occasion. Unfortunately for me this year, i didn't get a single bite of the chicken at all because i am coughing badly. Chinese believe that chicken and eggs induced phlegm and will worsen the coughing. So as much as i love the dish, i didn't touch it at all.

Besides that, i also need to resist the temptation of "ba gua" and CNY cookies that are on display.

This is really a great test to my self-control, especially when my mom and aunts kept telling me that it's ok to just eat a little bit. That's the thing you see... they will always say "just take a little bit and it won't hurt", and then before i know it, i will be indulging myself with all these heaty food. Perhaps that will make me happy for a moment but later on i'll be suffering tonight and probably for the following days or even weeks.

For now, i just wanna get well quickly so that i can stuff myself silly with all the CNY goodies - if there are still any left for me...


hehe, this CNY eve there's not much of rant from you, it's a sign of improvement :). too bad that you fell sick otherwise everything would be perfect. but then your self control to resist the temptation is worthy laudable. the dishes looked delicious, and drooling leh, you got help in preparing this? oh, ok, you were sick ... and how could you say only know to eat and critique and yet having great cooking skill runs in your family blood, and bragging no need to cook somemore. gee, if you have a mom as great teacher, you should even appreciate and take advantage of it. don't let the skill and knowledge got lost by your generation mah.

hmm, did i miss Ngaku Chips and Kuih Kapit? better take precaution on your health so you could recover fast and savour the cookies before they are all gone! have fun and happy CNY! cheers.

Happy Chinese New Year~~ wishing you to have a wonderful Dragon Year~~~ XD

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