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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Mom told me that the Telekom line at our area was struck by lightning a few days ago and all telephone and Internet lines are down. This affects every household on this street (and probably the neighbouring streets too).

This problem had already been reported but the line is still not fixed even after so many days. It seems like the Telekom staff is very into CNY holiday mood too, even though most, if not all, of them are not Chinese.

When i heard about this from mom in the car just now, my first reaction was, "shit, then what am i gonna do at home during this CNY holidays??!!"

(I am taking leave for next Wednesday to Friday like many others so that i can have the entire week off.)

Yes, i am so handicapped without Internet, especially when i have so many days at home. I have already planned what i wanna do over this long holiday, and a few of the things actually involved blogging and FB. My plan is foiled now, no thanks to Telekom.

I actually have lots of things to rant about Malaysia after my extended stay in KL and having gone through the massive traffic jam at the Malaysian checkpoint at 2nd Link this evening. Now, this just tops my list of things of why i think Malaysia is marching into doom if there is still no change to how it is governed and managed.

For those who wanna lecture me about how Malaysia is already better than many other countries, what i should not only be complaining while not helping to change it, what the opposition party may not do any better, what we are already progressing compared to before, yadda yadda yadda... You know what, i am not interested in listening to all these shits of yours. Just shut up and go away. Don't read my blog. Go and write on your own blog about what YOU think. This is MY blog and it is where I rant and complain and whine about anything and everything if i so desire. If it bothers you, so be it... as if i care. DUH.


Phew, after getting that whinny and bitchy PinPin out of the system, i feel a little bit better now.

I would have felt a lot better if the tethering works. Unfortunately, not sure what is wrong with DIGI 3G or my out-dated iPhone, tethering didn't work on my laptop and i gotta resort to using iPhone for this post (after several attempts). Now even the DIGI network that i normally love is failing me too. Darn!

I would have written at least three posts today, as i have quite a few things to update. Since i am kinda Internet-less now, and it isn't exactly that enjoyable typing with the iPhone touch-screen keyboard and looking at such small screen, i'm gonna call it a day.

Oh boy, i wonder how i am gonna survive the following 7 days without Internet. For all i know, the Internet withdrawal syndromes may soon set in! *shivering*

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cool down cool down. perhaps your sugar level is low after you fall sick, but then that's not good excuse to continue unhealthy diet. well, i can picture your predicament - no internet until wednesday. this is really a disaster, especially internet these days can be categorized as one of the basic needs. the service in johor might be bad, maybe, but in kl it's actually improved compared to yesteryears lor. hey, i'm not trying to flamebait that JB is some ulu place, but i think TM concentrated more their customer service in KL where the profit is even higher more. anyway, seems that digi is just getting worse. sometimes i can't get the signal too at certain spot at my home, and in my office basement. maybe the signal is weak but then maxis users can receive their signal. but then digi is still a good bargain compare to the bigger boy. i heard from my colleague who lives in skudai that celcom is better bargain for broadband but that was 1 year ago. if you doubt the iphone, you might want to try with your xperia mini for the tethering. gee, i think you have to turn to become night owl again for faster internet connection with the 3g network. i dread to imagine pinpin in her internet withdrawal syndromes, scary ....

don't say lah malaysia is bad place, it's still better and blessed country if to compare to, say, ghana, zimbabwe, uganda, libya, etc, etc. oops, pinpin is so serious. but the way you hentam makes me like fool when i decided to come back from SG and settled back at my hometown, and became worse slave than my ex-company's. actually i'm more dreaded to commute every week kl <-> SG just to be with my family. maybe i'm not a kind of person who demands much things or comparison, but i always believe that if one does not have his/her root, it'd be the same to be other place/country. at the end, it's just us to make the decision and change things for the better. sometimes bad things happened because of the action of others, but hey, that's what people is all about. there's still room for improvement for the country, hopefully things can really be much improved in near future. still hoping, though. hope pinpin don't tell me to go away and ban her blog from me after all the lecture ...

anyway, hope that you'd have a nice family and friends gathering in coming CNY. perhaps you fell sick is a message to take your health better next time, and no internet so that you actively visit your friends and have more outdoor socializing rather sitting numb all day in front of the monitor. or perhaps so you actively help your mom to prepare nice food and dishes for CNY. cheers, and happy Chinese New Year (how many times i have wished) !

You will survive without internet

It is human nature to adopt to the environment.

Once you pass the internet less day, you will feel refresh.

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