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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I lost my voice today and now i can't talk. This is the first time i experienced not able to talk - i spoke and yet no voice came out from my mouth. That feeling really sucks.

This morning i woke up still feeling very sick and having no energy at all (probably due to all the medication). The fever seemed to have subsided but my body was aching, especially the shoulders and the back. So i decided to rest in the hotel for half-a-day and then go to work in the afternoon.

I woke up at around 11pm and found myself voiceless. I wanted to take my medicine but i gotta eat something first. I didn't have anything to eat in my room and i couldn't call for room services because i couldn't speak. So i just got myself ready to go to work without eating anything or taking my medicine.

I wrote the company's address on a piece of paper and show it to the bellboy at the entrance so that he could help me to tell the cab driver where i was going. I arrived at the office at around 1pm. My team was having a discussion and i told them to stop and go to lunch with me, for i need them to help placing the order. I felt my body temperature rising again and i gotta take the medication asap.

Now i am sitting in the meeting room, with my mask on and waiting for a business user to have a meeting with us. I had taken my lunch and medicine, and i bet i'm gonna doze off again later since the cough and flu medicine have the effect of inducing drowsiness. I plan to change my return flight tomorrow to an earlier flight so that i do not have to come in to office tomorrow and just return to SG, but i am not sure if i am still allowed to change the flight with such last-minute notice. I can't have any more discussion with my team anyway and hence no point for me to stay on too.

I am feeling really miserable now. I just wanna go home and have a good rest.


gee, I can understand how you feel. It must be pretty lonely! you should have just ignored everything and rest! In fact that's all you need now to recover! And those medicine really make you goggy! Pray for strength and grace and mercy to recover soon! Will pray for you!

This seems to be serious. And very very bad, especially time like this. Sigh, the overpriced hair cut and now sick somemore . . Hopefully this is really the very last unfortunate thing struck on you before marching to new lunar year! Seems like this cny you cant eat bakgua liao. Prove me wrong, gal.

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