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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Am now at a karaoke at The Gardens, listening to the guys singing Beyond's song. We are having a "lunar year wrap up" celebration, on department's expense of course.

I will be in KL until next Thursday. Uh huh, am staying over weekend. I've brought along a bigger luggage with lots of empty space. Intend to go shopping on weekend and hopefully can get some new outfits for CNY.

I was impelled to sing a song just now, and had a bottle of beer even though i have been staying away from alcohol for quite a while already. This is the thing about being manager - i gotta be sporting no matter how much I don't feel like doing certain thing.

Anyway, I do enjoy listening to some of the guys because they can sing very well. It helps me to distress and lift up my mood for the weekend as well.


gee, beyond's songs are in cantonese, and 1990s. did anyone sing bruno mars the lazy song? well, look at the bright side, it was friday night with your teammates and rarely you had such gathering. besides staying away from work stress, you might chitchat with your colleagues about other interest, like photography, novels, korean soap drama, ipad, stuff and stuff. so what song you sang in the karaoke and get any praise from the guys? hope you had enjoyable weekend :). you could have take the opportunity to sight seeing of other parts of KL, like PJ, sunway, BB, and bangsar, and taking picture of the CNY decors. cheers.

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