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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Free TV and DVD player

There was lucky draw during the team building event that regional office had three weeks ago. I won the 4th prize.

I was actually quite disappointed when my name was announced for this prize. I had actually set my eyes on the 1st prize - an iPad2.

Anyway, i collected my prize from the office yesterday.

The prize was a Samsung 22 inch LED TV and a DVD Player. I brought the DVD player back to JB for my mom, and intend to hook my laptop to the LED TV for watching downloaded movies and shows.


haha, gal, you didn't pray enough. greedy is bad leh but given you hard work and "sacrifices" to the company, you should deserve for the ipad2 (and why don't your boss just put the act to make to win the first price). anyway, next time don't squint your eyes for the novels on your iphone lor, is it possible to connect it via bluetooth?


stay positive, gal, and must make resolution for this year never to sleep late again. cheers :)

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