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Friday, December 09, 2011


It's another melancholy day for me.

No, in fact, today is worse than any other day. It's the day when all the if's and would-have's tortured my mind.

"Time will heal; time will heal..." I could only chant to myself over and over again.

But then, a tiny voice deep in my heart asked, "will it really?"

I could only hope and pray hard.


YES, it will. Unless you don't believe it, and always tear off the scar before it fully healed.
Heal not b'cos you purposely push yourself to forget or not to remember, it's just fade away when time flies. I think this is also an amazing grace from GOD.
You just have to believe it will.

what has already happened is already happened, and there is no more of thinking and arguing for if and would have. you knew this. the moment if you get into this, please think of something else positive, like the happy trip in japan, joke that you have come across, the good things you have done before. you should not give in yourself, especially the fault that is not from you. why do you choose to suffer, this is absolutely WRONG gal. be strong. the path is long ahead, stay positive and surely something good will turn out that GOD have for you. never become a defeatist and get yourself lost. don't you think you should be more socialize (don't just hide yourself with the novels and stay in your own cocoon only) signing up activities? or picking up a new hobby? like your friend said, time will heal, and you gotta believe it and yourself.

cheers, and don't sleep late.

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